ALL session offerings are available via video or phone.

Due to the risk of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, ALL sessions booked will be online sessions until FURTHER NOTICE.

Please contact Janice for exceptions: in-person sessions are determined on a NEED to NEED basis.

Remember to stay hydrated, take your vitamins, wash your hands— and avoiding touching your face.

Counselling with Janice
Session Options Available


First Counselling Session | $120

Do you need someone to talk to who has a different perspective? For those who need a supportive and caring listener, and want to create small powerful changes.

+ One hour and fifteen-minute, 1-on-1 session 

+ Offered in welcoming confidential office

+ Varied availability (no guaranteed times)


Ongoing Counselling Sessions | $110

Is there a problem or do you feel unsure about a decision? This is designed for those who need someone on their team to move forward into the life they desire.

+ Individualised one hour 1-on-1 sessions

+ Offered in welcoming confidential office

+ Pre/Online booking available+ Pre-authorised payment


Couples Counselling Session | $130

Are you confused about how your relationship ended up here? Helpful for those who want to dive deep into themselves with their partner and discover how to become unstuck.

+ Individualised one hour and fifteen-minute couples session

+ Offered in welcoming confidential office

+ Pre/Online booking available

+ Pre-authorised payment

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